Friday, January 18, 2008

George's Book Deal

George Michael is writing a book. A memoir.
And quite a lucrative deal, indeed. A publishing official with knowledge of the negotiations said the deal was worth at least $6 million for British rights alone, among the biggest publishing contracts ever for that market, and at least $7 million overall. I plagiarized that last sentence from an article I saw in the paper today.
Apparently, the book will be called “How I Made More Money By Writing This Book Than Cipriano Bookpuddle Will Ever Earn in 28 Reincarnations of His Current Lifetime.”
Seriously, George Michael is 44 years old.
I too, am 44 years old.
But that is where our numerical similarities end!

In all seriousness, I sort of enjoy musician autobiographies.
I really liked the recent Eric Clapton one, and since this book promises to be an “access all areas” story, and since George Michael has led a very….. umm, colorful life, and since I truthfully think he is one of the finest vocalists of all time [really I do]… I could see myself reading the thing.

Wishing you all a great weekend!
-- Cip



Beth said...

I would buy the book for THAT title alone....

Matt said...

One of the finest and cutest vocalists. :)