Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Splash du Jour: Wednesday

A few childrearing heretics have recently dared to point out that kids aren’t particularly better off for all this overattention and chauferring and the limitless expressions of parental narcissism.
If children have replaced men as objects of female romantic fantasy (men having proven washouts once too often on the fantasy front), will children fare any better at fulfilling female yearnings? Be less disappointiing as romantic objects? You have to wonder what industrial-strength varieties of neurosis will soon be appearing in this generation of overparented children as they near adulthood.

-- Laura Kipnis, in The Female Thing

Have a great Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

The next female liberation movement will be against the family and it's demands, and society's need to have women answer to them all perfectly, flawlessly.
Watch out, the next women's lib will be the biggy, and womwn will turn to themselves for fulfillment.
Population numbers will likely drop.
That's what I see in my crystal ball.

Merisi said...

I agree with you.

I am so tired of women-bashers.

patricia said...

The population is already dropping, at a pretty astounding rate I might add. I don't think we'll ever see a large birth rate like we did after WWII ever again. (Unless things get really serious and maybe the government will start giving out really good incentives for women to reproduce. But these days, you doon't even need men to do that...) That's why we have so many immigrants coming in North America, taking the really lousy low-paying jobs.

Actually, yesterday I was at a coffee shop (not Starbucks, Cippy, sorry! Second Cup). A couple of Albanian men took a shining to me and sat with me for a little bit. They asked if I was married and then asked if I had children. They were very surprised when I said no. One even asked my why, and could he help me in that department. Oh brother....