Friday, February 22, 2008

90-Second Coronary

Well, tonight I very nearly had that massive coronary thrombosis that I am forever expecting.
I was sitting at the Starbucks in Chapters, as usual.
Reading my book. Drinking my coffee.
All of a sudden I had a one-word thought.
Isn't that weird how the mind can just suddenly kick you like that?
Instantly I wondered where my wallet was, so abundantly filled with its cash and vital information and multiple credit cards.
It would have meant the end of a very long relationship!
I rifled through my jacket pocket.
It was not there! Instantly I was having several heart attacks.
No.... no... no... [I eat way too many hamburgers to be doing this sort of hyperventilating stuff....] but nonetheless, I am desperate! I am searching my EARS for this wallet as I run back to the coffee counter.
Breathless, I ask the barista girl if a wallet had been turned in, and she reaches to this area and hands over to me my precious, precious, oh my preciousssssssss walletses.
Me wantssss it! Me wantsessssss it!

"No problem," she says. "We've got your back!"
I had left it, fully exposed, at the Sugar/Cream table!
She picked it up while doing a routine clean-up of the area.
I thanked her in four languages, three of which were completely unknown to me, and slunk on back to my table.
But for about 90 seconds this evening, I felt as though flung into the fires of Mount Doom!


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Vienna for Beginners said...

You lucky guy! Been there, done that, both ways, found and stolen. What relief you must have felt.