Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

The Fellowship: The Untold Story of Frank Lloyd Wright & The Taliesin Fellowship
By Roger Friedland & Harold Zellman.

I hate being too busy.
Really hate it.
And lately I feel that I have been too busy to write anything about the great books I am reading.
For instance, I just finished reading Ken Follett’s World Without End.
Loved it. Did I write about it? No.
Before that, Laura Kipnis’s The Female Thing: Dirt, Envy, Sex, Vulnerability.
Terrific book. Did I write about it?
How about McTeague, by Frank Norris? Did I like that book? Or A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon, or Run by Ann Patchett? Or A Jest of God by Margaret Laurence?
Did I hate all these books and this is why I am not writing about them?
I just feel pressed for time. Doing too many other things.
Now, I have started this biography about the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and I am LOVING it.
It is a great book. I am only on page 145 of 600.... but I already can tell that this will be one of the best biographies I've ever read. I've only read a quarter of the story and Lloyd Wright has already lived out the equivalent of four lifetimes!
It's a real pageturner.

If I do not write a bang-up review when I'm done this book, I am going to fill up Jack's food dishes, and then jump off my balcony rather than read another one!


Beth said...

Jumping off the balcony would be rather extreme. If you can't write a review, just say you recommend the books. I trust your judgment.
(And Jack would miss you.)

May said...

Busy doing what, if I may ask?

Soph said...

Busy doing what...hmmmm. Wondering, wondering.

And I don't know, cip. That jumping from the balcony might not be a bad idea. I mean...look at Hart Crane. He jumped from a bridge and he is famous.
Even if you merely broke a leg, there would be hospital time. Reading time.
Stuff like that.