Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Together

Of all of the songs of the ‘60’s, my far and away favorite is Happy Together.
And lately the song has been haunting my brain. I’ve been thinking of it and singing it for days now. Today in my car, and then at work in the warehouse and in the stairwells, and in the elevator up to my apartment [basically whenever I was alone for a few moments], I was bellering the chorus to this song. The melody line and the harmonies are just gorgeous. Even when I perform it!
This song came out back in 1967,
when I was a mere lad of four years old!
But just click on the above Youtube video and see if you don’t agree with me that this song is a classic. A real gem.
And note, I am not sure if the all of the background vocals are live here [in fact, I am 100% sure they are not], but Mark Volman’s lead vocal
seems very much live. You can tell by the reverb on the microphone, for one thing. And as such, [LIVE] I think it is amazing how he picks off the notes, perfectly. Actually I just watched it again, and no… I think that none of it is LIVE at all. With all of his birdlike head-movements the recorded result would not have been as consistent and clean as what we hear in the video-clip.
But who cares!
It’s an absolutely dynamite terrific song.
May it haunt me till I am 104 years old!


Beth said...

Great. Now I'm going to be singing this all day.

"I can't see me lovin' nobody..."

piksea said...

Thanks! I've had the theme song from Underdog in my head for days. Don't ask. I can't explain it, but it's there. "Speed of lightning, roar of thunder, fighting all who rob and plunder. Underdog... Underdog.

liliannattel said...

It is fun--that's for sure.