Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Let Me Count The Ways...

It was such an awesome surprise to come home after work, well, after Starbucks, after work… and find something crammed into my mailbox in the lobby. I saw the return address and wondered, “Hmmm… what would that Torontonian Nutbar be sending l’il ol’ me?”
It’s her new book, and it’s really great.

I could not wait. I ripped into the package there in the elevator.
Let me introduce you [as if you don’t already know who I am talking about] to the coolest chick in blogland Patricia Storms.
Her new book is called, You’re My Guy Because…
It is filled with 30 different ways to [lovingly] complete the sentence, and each declaration is accompanied with her inimitable artwork on the facing page. I’ve already read through the entire book, and it’s great. Funny, cute, and adorable.
I almost wish I had a “guy” to send it to.
Well no, wait a minute. There’s no real need to exaggerate quite to that extent.
But I will say this → If you are a girl/woman, and you have a guy, and you like him, you should get this book. It will make a great gift for him.

As the jacket cover says:
A century and a half ago, Elizabeth Barrett Browning started a poem, to Robert Browning, with the now-famous words:
How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways…

That was then. This book is NOW.

Thank you, Pattycakes.
It’s a great little book, folks.
To get your own copy, click on the book’s image, above.
And visit Patricia HERE.
She is a royal hoot!



Beth said...

Not only a talented "royal hoot,"
But a great friend to boot!

(I waxed poetic there....strange expression, huh? I've never even waxed a floor.)

patricia said...

Awwww...the both of you's guys are so sweet!

Pattycakes aims to please!