Thursday, February 21, 2008

Licking My Chops

This past Christmas, I got a George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine© as a gift.
In fact, it's the Super Champ Limited Edition© as shown to the left, in operation!
Tonight I've decided to finally take the thing out of the box and use it.
So there it is.
It is sitting on my countertop!
I'm ready to go.
I'll be inaugurating the thing with some boneless pork chops avec baked potato. Being the skilled culinary wizard that I am [ahem]... I put the 'tater in the oven, where it is currently in the throes of death. Gives me time to peruse the periphery of the Machine.

Apparently, you place a drip tray at the front of the thing so you can catch the fat and grease as it drains down the sloped grill. This is obviously a key feature for people like me, who prefer to savor their grilling experience by drinking the melted fat separately, afterwards!
Actually I think I will just pour some of that fat over the baked potato when it is done. So, stay tuned, I'll be back in a few minutes to tell you how things are going.

[Intermission..... Tawk amongst yourselves. Topic suggestion: If our knees bent the other way, what would chairs look like? Discuss....]

OK, I'm back now.
It worked superbly. The chops were succulent. Tender. Heavenly.
"Best dead pig I've ever ingested," says Cipriano.
I only had the chops on there for about ten minutes. It's like making a pork-waffle! The official Foreman© "Suggested Cooking Chart" did not have pork chops listed in their rundown of cooking times, so I just guessed, according to the fact that NY Strip is listed at ten minutes.
Next time I am going to throw some kind of vegetables on this thing, along with the carcass of whatever. Next time I'll try chicken. Or fresh balcony pigeon.
But the preliminary report is in. I've gone public.
The George Foreman Grilling Machine rocks!
All of this new-fangled ex-boxer indoor-grilling phenomenon does beg the question though... if Mike Tyson invented a similar machine, would there be a special grilling time listed for stuff like "Other Guy's Ear"?


Jeane said...

We have this thing in our kitchen and it's pretty darn useful!

Anonymous said...

That's it! You should write commercials!
For the record, your homie's lazyboy would look pretty much the same whatever direction his knees bent since it's fairly horizontal most of the time.

cipriano said...

Jeane, I have fallen for the Foreman.
I made a hamburger in the thing tonight.
Mmmmm..... good. Steak tomorrow.
This gadget really speaks profoundly to my Inner Carnivore!

That is too funny.
Say Hi to my Horizontal Homie, for me!

Vienna for Beginners said...

If you ever find an Italian deli that sells "Scamorza" cheese (looks like a pear whose tender neck has been caught in a string), get it, and put it in the griller. Best grilled cheese ever.
You can eat a big salad to make up for the indulgence. ;-)