Monday, February 11, 2008


My sister and her husband just returned from their trip to Mexico.
And I envy them.
Because this year I did not go.
Me. Exactly a year ago!
Last year was such fun!
She went on and on for about 46 hours last night on the telephone, and I had to stop her and say, “Do you realize there is a polar bear licking the frost off my kitchen window right now? STOP TALKING!
So, I say…… next year I am going back to Puerto Vallarta.
So help me, God.



Beth said...

I think EVERYONE (that I know) has gone or is going to Mexico this year!
Except for me. (And you.)

Cleo said...

No Mexico for me either-and MY sister left yesterday for Hawaii and won't be back until March 17th-I don't like her much right now...I also don't have a polar bear either, but I was without power for almost 3 days due to an ice storm (got it back yesterday)...stuck in the country...with 4 teenagers...with no electronics...and dead cell phones...I fear nothing now...

Matt said...

Now you get me thinking about Puerto Vallarta again. I was there just this past September.