Saturday, February 02, 2008

Two Decisions: A Saturday Poem

Two Decisions

Look. I walk towards you, and the
World gets closer. Or further away.
Which is it? Did you take a step
See. I look up as I approach
And the clouds scatter. Or form.
Which is it? Did you take a step
Hear. There was a bird that sang
Just then. Or there was silence.
I am not sure now, did you
Hear it, too?

While that fountain played with us
And threw us in and out, I made
What is known as a decision.
Reaching to a peeling arbutus tree
I ripped a letter from it, and it
Tore and it tore clean in a strip.

Against my thumb, the underside
So smooth, nodded to me, and I
I looked into your two wet eyes.

I will write everything on this, I said,
As I handed you that bark.
And a bird we both heard whistled.
Did you take a step forward?
You did.

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2008


May said...

You don't really like Michael Buble'?

cipriano said...

Hmmm. I'm afraid not, May. I don't like Michael Buble because I think he just grandstands on certain notes, holding them out until my eyelids flutter and I want to cut my jugular!
But I know that a lot of people really love him, so... que sera sera!
But now you have me intrigued.
Does Buble have anything to do with my poem? Is there a Buble song called Two Decisions or something?
Have a great weekend, May!

May said...

Ehm, I am afraid that the association of ideas is quite loose: the poem put me in a sentimental mood and Buble, the King of Romance, came to my mind. Then I remembered that you dislike the big Canadian singer.