Monday, March 24, 2008


Computer Meltdown!
Bookpuddle is down. Down, I say!
[Remember that one scene in "So I Married An Axe-Murderer" where Mike Myers, playing the role of his own father at the wedding of himself, comments on the Bagpiper that has expired in the middle of playing "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" Myers, in harsh Scottish brogue bellers out "We've got a piper dooon! I repeat! A piper is doooon!"]
Great movie.

Well, yesterday my laptop, yes, the Mac [go figure] went doooon!
It went way dooooon! I repeat, My laptop is dooooon!
When I try booting up, it sounds like a herd of mice are eating a bag of potato chips just under the keyboard. It's terrible. SCREEN IS BLANK.
My first thought [I swear to God] was just to fill Jack's food dishes up and then jump off my balcony!
I am an Internet cafe here, reporting.
So I am not sure how long it will be before I am up and running again.
I am very very chagrined over this.
I will miss you all!


Melanie said...

How horrible! And yes, all I can hear in my head now is "Piper dooon!" Thanks. (love that movie)

Vienna for Beginners said...

Déjà vu, again?
I hope you get that Mac out of his sulk and working again.
good luck!

May said...

Where is the 1$ screwdriver set?

Sam Houston said...

Oh, man, just when I was thinking about spending some serious cash on a Mac, I hear this kind of thing...

Good luck...

May said...

Cip, I am listening to "Lost" by Michael Buble right now and thinking of youR HATE FOR THIS SONG.

Beth said...

Don't stay "dooon" for long!

What's with your Mac? What are you DOING to it? Mine has never crashed.

cipriano said...

Hi Dear Friends, dear piteous [not pitiful]... dear dear friends around the globe:
I am at a LIBRARY.... have had some real issues trying to fix the Mac.
Right now it is in a Mac-Hospital.
Seriously, it is checked-in there at a hospital thing. And they do a diagnostic check. Every minute costs something like $47.00.
But hell.
And I need that computer.... ya hear me? I need that laptop!

I am writing this from a LIBRARY, and this guy next to me [I don't want to be rude, per se] but this guy next to me NEEDS TO HAVE HIS DEODORANT RENEWED!

Isn't it a great movie?
It's a classic.
I know I know. It seems that only last Christmas I was sick with a similar anguish...
Hah! I HAVE the top-o-the-line $1 screwdriver set, but this time.... this time the baby needs SURGERY!
Oh, you still need to buy the Mac. They are still about 90% more reliable than a PC. [Wonder if Bill Gates reads my blog!]
May [Part 2]:
Oh, you should jettison that thing... how can you possibly listen? Of all things, you wanna know what song he does a remake of on his latest CD?
Wonderful Tonight.
Clapton's song!
I don't know what I have done wrong. May have been the Budweiser I spilled on the keyboard the other night. Not sure. Does beer damage computers?

Miss you all!
-- Cip

stefanie said...

Your mac will be ok. It might cost you a bit and you may lose some data, but it will be ok. Macs are hardly little critters :)

Do you have Disk Warrior? Do you ever defrag your hard drive? My Mac refused to boot about two years ago. The Apple Store folks got it back up, used Disk Warrior on it, made me buy a copy and promise to run it every month or two. I did, I have, and have never had a problem again. Of course, if you have mice living in yours, that's another issue :)

May said...

Shh, Cip, don't listen, just dance!

Melanie said...

Isn't computer use at the public library FUN? :)

patricia said...

Oh no! What a pickle! Didn't you have Mac problems before? I'm sure they can be fixed. Hang in there, Cippy...

Sorry I've missed all this drama!