Saturday, March 08, 2008

human: A Saturday Poem


i looked up.
they had made their webs
in the rafters,
these two silent architects.
so i knocked them into a foil pan
where they lightly clattered.
exoskeletons, spinning
and disoriented.
so i sprayed aerosol on them
in great amounts, until
swimming to the center of the pan
they found each other,
and broke their own necks.
i heard it.
two faint snaps.
i did not look up
at the empty webs, but
went my way.
and i am human.

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2008


Jeane said...

Unsettling. Instantly made me think of that mouse poem by cummings:

Me up at does

out of the floor
quietly stare

a poisoned mouse

still who alive

is asking What
have i done

that You wouldn't have

Beth said...

I thought you were kind to spiders?

(Perhaps this poem is not based upon personal experience???)

Anonymous said...

Why kill the spiders?

cipriano said...

The poem is all about REGRET, dear anonymous.
It is an answer to your very question, but too late.

Good point.
The poem IS based on personal experience, but... I was on acid at the time. So, bigtime excuse!

Yes, unsettling. The cummings, very apropos.