Monday, March 17, 2008


-- Montreal --

Some of you may be wondering where I was all weekend.
The Bookpuddle has been silent of its usual ripples.
That’s where I was… oh yes, now I remember.
Montreal is a nutso place!
And while there, I discovered something I had not known about this city.
[Girlfriends, listen up. ] Montreal has the largest interconnected underground shopping system in the entire world.
That’s right. Not just Canada.

It is insane, how far you can walk around, spending money with wild abandon!
Ms. Katrina can be raging outside and your credit card WILL THINK IT’S THE MILDEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

Yeah. It’s crazy. Not for the faint of heart.
Let me put it in perspective for you. You can be walking along Catherine Street and innocently enter a Guess© store, or maybe Tommy Hilfiger© or American Eagle Outfitters© and…. umm…. see you next week, honey!
Better drop crumbs behind you Hansel and/or Gretal, if you ever intend of re-entering the exterior world through the same aperture with which you went in to the abyss!
But fun.

I made the mistake of wandering around in a Le Chateau© on Friday night [the men’s section, relax!]… and somehow got pooped out the nether-end of the thing Saturday afternoon.
In a different time zone!
The Underground City will boggle you.
The Underground City will rob you blind.
And will not apologize.
But fun. It’s fun!
You don’t believe me?



Isabella said...

I'm pretty sure the raison d'ĂȘtre of the whole underground complex is because it's f*$%ing cold outside.

cipriano said...

Good point, good point, Isabella.
And you live there, right? So you should know.
Even though, the weather this particular weekend was fantastic!
All I know is this.
I want to get to know the city better. I found it delightful. The people friendly and gracious in spite of my lack of en francais!

Beth said...

I am the faint of heart type when it comes to malls - underground or otherwise.
I'm hoping you spent some of your time above-ground - such a beautiful city!

Stefanie said...

Wow, puts the Mall of America to shame. Though there are expansion plans. I think they are hoping to become The Mall of North America.

cipriano said...

Beth & Stefanie:
Montreal is SO HIP!
I did spend some time above-ground too, Beth. Eating mile-high sandwiches at this place called Reuben's on Catherine Street. There is no mouth in the world [including my own gargantuan yapper] that can eat the stuff without breaking it up into manageable segments.
I loved the challenge of it all!

Melanie said...

It all sounds marvellous. Lucky you! I so miss Montreal!

patricia said...

Ooooooo....I'm so jealous! I'm really, really hoping that this Fall Guy and I will get to go...he's been to Montreal at least 3 times, but I've NEVER been there! I wanna go!

(Though I don't think I'd wanna spend much time in those underground thingies...)