Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Here Piggy, Piggy...

Well, today is my 3rd Bloggiversary.
Three years of blogging. This current posting is #1,381.
But who's counting!
I love it. Blogging, I mean.
I shall not stop.
I’ve gained some super-duper friends in the blogging community, and I have learned so much from you all.
Thank you for tuning in here, at Bookpuddle, friends.

And on to the breaking news of the world…

Roger Waters has lost his flying pig!

For those of you who are not yet aware of my musical tastes, Roger Waters [of Pink Floyd fame] is perhaps my favorite artist of all time. Well, along with Eric Clapton.
The two flying pig photos on this blog posting are ones I took myself, at a Waters concert! Apparently, this legendary pig somehow broke from his moorings just a couple of nights ago, at an outdoor concert at the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival, in southern California.
Just floated away, while the band played on!

A $10,000 reward was offered for the recovery.

Oh, I am behind the times. Just got home and found out….
In tatters.
Read about it HERE!

Lettuce keep reading.
Lettuce keep blogging.
Lettuce keep listening to Pink Floyd!



Matt said...

Happy 3rd Bloggiversary. I'm glad I have tuned in to Bookpuddle! :)

Dorothy W. said...

Congratulations Cipriano! I'm glad you're here.

Beth said...

Happy Bloggiversary!
Glad I found you - via Patricia, I believe.

patricia said...

Ah, Happy Blog Birthday, Cippy! So glad I found you in this crazy wonderful blogosphere.

Celebrate! Go get yerself a giant floating pig!

May said...

Dear Bookpuddle,
you're a wonderful friend and I hope that you'll stay around forever.



Cold Molasses said...

Happy 3rd Cip! Might I suggest that you consider a change in the background/color scheme of your terrific blog at this point in time! Sort of like a clean start to go through the next 3 years?

I enjoy visiting often, but would love to see some "newness" in the background to keep things fresh for the eyes (as well as the mind!).

Lorin B Russell said...

Considering I was the one who introduced you to the blogosphere, I gues I should say congrats. I remember like it was yesterday when we were at a dinner party and i was talking about how great blogs were and you saying what the hell is a blog?!!

You've done well but i would have to agrre with CM on needed a "blogover"!!! ;)


cipriano said...

Matt, Dorothy, Beth, Patricia, & May --> Thank you for your wonderful friendship, over the years. And for reading my musings, here.

Cold Mol, and Lorin B. --> Thank you also, for reading Bookpuddle in your busy busy lives! [Cold Mol... how are those twins cooking?] However, I don't really think I will ever change the schema [Background/Appearance] of Bookpuddle.
However, I would like to hire an actual web-designer to fashion me my own site.
I bought a do-it-yourself book on the subject but WOW!
I have never seen such gobbledegook all in one place! I am virtually techno-illiterate!