Thursday, April 03, 2008

Irving For One Year

Tonight I finished reading a terrific book.
A Widow For One Year, by John Irving.
I am not kidding, I think that Irving is perhaps thee most entertaining and engaging of authors that I have encountered in a long while.
A wonderful storyteller. I could listen to him forever.
For most true readers, Irving is not exactly a new discovery. For me, however, he is relatively a new find.
While reading this book in several coffee-shops, I’ve noticed that the majority of people that have seen its easily recognizable cover have felt the need to comment, along the lines of the following:
“Oh, that’s a good one, huh? Are you enjoying it?”
“My favorite is The Hotel New Hampshire but that one you’ve got there is good, too.”
"Owen Meany is his masterpiece, but A Widow For One Year?…. mmmm….” [followed by that universal sign of exquisiteness where the thumb and two fingers burst open in a smacky kiss as though the world’s greatest Italian chef has just pronounced the pasta al dente!]

You know what I mean?
All in all, I guess I am concluding What kind of a person would NOT like John Irving?
Like, his books are excellent. And this one was a gem.
It is my third Irving.
It makes me want to read John Irving For One Year.
According to my research, he has ten other novels that I have not yet read.
At an average of a novel a month or thereabouts, by next year I could read all of his stuff!
But you know what?
I’m not going to do it.
Know why?
Because then it would be over.

It’s good to be back online. I am still working on re-formatting my computer and I have just returned from the extremely non-religious cremation ceremonies of my old Hard-Drive!
I lost a lot of data there in that fiasco!


Beth said...

Definitely savour those novels. Use them as rewards for good behaviour. (That could take years...)

Jeane said...

I raise my hand! I tried reading A Prayer for Owen Meany (sp?) back in high school and didn't get it. I think I quit after about ten pages. Do you have a suggestion for a better one to start with? I'd really like to give this author another try.

Cleo said...

I love Irving as well, but this comment is the IT professional in me who simply must give unsolicited advice to yet another friend who has experienced such a painful loss.....NEVER EVER EVER keep your important info only in one place. Shoot, never keep your unimportant info only in one place. Spend a few dollars (or your equivalent) and purchase yourself a jump drive (also known as a thumb drive, USB drive, flash drive or memory stick). Unless you're a graphic designer or some such, something like a 2-4 gig drive should last you a long, long time. Amazon has them for 10-20 USD. SanDisk and Sony are two reliable brands we use here at the university. Buy 2 if you can and save things twice-in cases like this it is SO worth the few dollars and few seconds of time...I'm sorry for your crash but it's wonderful to have you back.

Bookworm said...

I loved a Prayer for Owen Meany. It's one of those books you just want to give to everyone know, saying you MUST read this. (Jeane, I'd say, you have to give it 100 pages and then you'll be hooked).

cipriano said...

Isn't he terrific? Isn't he?
And yes.... if I use Irving as a reward for good behavior, yes... it will take me years.
I have to cut two holes in all my hats, for horns!

Oh, I am afraid I can be no help for you in this matter, BECAUSE I LOVED OWEN MEANY SO MUCH!
My only other suggestion is the only others I have read... The Fourth Hand, and A Widow For One Year, both of which I would highly recommend as being excellent novels!

Thank you muchly for your IT suggestions. Yes.... well... let me tell you the crazy thing.... I have very nearly a TERABITE of external Hard-Drive space, just sitting here.... and I ALWAYS FORGET TO USE IT!
What do you call it when a Terannasaurus Rex bites you?
Ummm...... a TERABITE!

[I'm on crack!]

I so agree with you!
Give Meany another shot, Jeane.
Just do it.
It is one of the best books in history.
Or.... as Owen Meany himself would say it.... IT IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS IN HISTORY!