Monday, April 14, 2008


I know that all of my wonderfully astute readers have already read this fabulous book, but I just started it tonight and cannot put it down.
The Bell Jar.

Just a bit into it, I am wondering how it is that Sylvia Plath did not write other novels, beside this one. I guess, for one thing, she did not at all live for as long as she should have lived. Without knowing much about her self-truncated life, these first few pages have convinced me that her decision to leave Earth early is a tragedy not only to English literature, but to that planet itself, that kept right on turning on the morning of Feb.11th, 1963.
Margaret Laurence.
Anne Sexton.
Virginia Woolf.
Sylvia, I am on only on page 91, and I already want to read your next novel.

Oct.27, 1932 - Feb.11, 1963

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stefanie said...

It's a good one isn't it? Enjoy!