Saturday, April 19, 2008

Woman: A Saturday Poem

Writing free verse is like playing tennis with the net down.
-- Robert Frost --

Well, here it is Saturday again.
And on Saturdays, a sort of ritual has seemed to spontaneously develop.
The ritual is this I’ve been posting some of my original poems.
Now, whether or not this ritual is loved or hated by readers, I have not yet been able to discern a consensus one way or the other!
I’ve received minimal comment or reaction!
So, today I thought I would try something a little different.
I will be posting a video-clip of one of my favorite poems of all time, the immortal free-verse Woman [a.k.a. Whoaaaaa-man!] as written and performed by none other than Mike Myers, portraying the character Charlie Mackenzie in one of the best movies in the history of cinema…. So I Married An Axe-Murderer.
In my opinion, this scene is Academy Award material. Not to mention, it’s a textbook example of what the great poet Robert Frost called, “playing tennis with the net down.”

[NOTE: → I have been known to also employ that final eyebrow and smirk manoeuvre after reading my own stuff aloud on stage. It’s very effective. That, and the candle.]


May said...

Your poems are a gift for all of us (how many times have I encouraged you to send them to poetry magazines?). Only, at least for me, it is quite difficult to comment on them, especially when the poem seems to have been written with someone in mind. I feel like I am intruding in a couple's secret communication!

Melanie said...

I enjoy reading your regularly posted poetry. Please keep on! And how can Mike Myers be anything but inspirational?! (love this video)

stefanie said...

I enjoy your poems Cip so please keep posting them. Love the Mike Myers clip. You must make the crowd wild when you do your own candle and eyebrow bit :)

cipriano said...

Thank you all, for these very gracious comments.
Isn't the Mike Myers poem a masterpiece though?
I think the high point of the thing was the lines:
They make me horny,
Saturday morny.

Someday, I too, will write this boldly!

Merisi said...

Sunday morning here already (7.25am), and your Saturday poem still feels at home. Thank you! :-)

Re your comment on lilacs:
I am heading to St. Marx's Cemetery, the place where Mozart found his eternal resting place, which also happens to be a sea of lilacs (Flieder, they call it here, pronounced "fleeeeder", reminds me of "Frieden", pronounced "Freeeden", peace). See you later! :-)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Beth said...

That video was funny, amusing, etc. but I prefer your poetry.