Thursday, May 29, 2008


Listen up, people!
Fast-food lovers everywhere… REJOICE!
Starbucks is selling wicked good-looking breakfast sandwiches!
I knew this day would come!
Is it not prophesied in The Book of Revelations or something?
God, I love Starbucks!
I want to almost live there!
So now they’ve got all kinds of McMuffin-y things, I just saw them today after work for the first time! I almost passed out.
So what if it’s 7 p.m.! I want one of these!

It may have been to avoid any more of my drool-slobber getting all over the display case, but the barista guy, my buddy Damien, asked me if I wanted a FREE breakfast sandwich of my choice.
I said, “Is the Pope Catholic?”
So he grabbed one of these beauties, heated it up in the Starbucks Hell-Oven© and I’m telling you… I committed Eight Entirely New Sins eating that thing!
Then I re-loaded my Starbucks card, got a half-pound of Italian Extra-Bold coffee, ground to a Turkish pulp… ahh… life is good.

“I’ve got one spare artery unclogged, give me another McStarMuffin, Damien!”


May said...

Lucky you! I wish that I wasn't on a diet.

Beth said...

OMG. You are in serious trouble now. Bring on yet another addiction!

Anonymous said...

That's it!!! If you're working on your last unclogged artery I'm telling your homie to go buy himslef a black suit for your funeral! Your days are numbered for sure now!
Poor Cip, can they not see you are weak and must not be further tempted???

cipriano said...

Yep, thank you all for your comments. This Starbucks thing means I will be punching out another hole in my belt.
Business is booming!
Things are expanding!