Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well, today was back to reality.
I had six days off, and that is a rare thing for me… workaholic that I am!
My next vacation is in August.
That's like an ETERNITY away!
Must make little stones out of real big stones, until then!
I spent those six days of vacation with my best friend, and one of the things we managed to accomplish was the complete restoration of over 3,000 songs on my iTunes Library.
I lost all of them earlier this year in the Great Hard-Drive Crash of 2008!
Remember that? Remember my anguish?
Restoration was a lot of work, but fun, and worth it all.
I am addicted to iTunes on my Mac. Best invention since..... HAMBURGER!
By the way, all of it is now BACKED UP on four DVD discs, this is the way to do it!

So, one other thing we did was we purchased a ton of music at the iTunes Store.
If you are not familiar with the concept of iTunes, let me give you an example of just how cool it is.
One of my favorite bands of all time is… The B-52’s.
Quit laughing!
One of the reasons I like them is because their stuff is so HAPPY!
They have a new CD out, called Funplex, the first release from them in over 16 years!
So, naturally I have shopped for it, in stores. The cheapest I could find it anywhere [Future Shop] was $21.99.
You know how much BEER I could buy with that much moolah?
At the iTunes Store? You can download the whole CD for $10.00.
Ten clams!
Ten [rock] lobsters! Or whatever other crustacean you may want to pay with!

Do the algebra!
Whichever way you slice it… iTunes seems to me to be the way to go!

Check out how “fun” the title track is HERE.
And the thing about iTunes is you can pick and choose.
iTunes is for the discriminating music-shopper.
For instance, I only wanted two songs off the new Airborne album. So, I bought these. For $2.00.
I selectively topped up my Sade collection. [ Click on that link, if none other. That's music, folks!]
I am in love with Anastacia.
And as Holden Caulfield might say... "Who isn't?"
So I got a wheelbarrow full of Anastacia. Mmmmm.....
I purchased one of my favorite songs of all time, REM’s The One I Love, without having to buy the whole album.
I purchased Metallica’s Enter Sandman and I don’t WANT the rest of the album. See?

iTunes rocks!

If any of you have been feeling at all depressed lately, I highly recommend The B-52’s new one… Funplex.
Don’t think.
Just buy it.


stefanie said...

I like the B52s and was wondering how their new album sounded since it has been so long since the last. So it's good, huh? :)

cipriano said...

Ahhh... a fan!
The album is great Stefanie... the voices and the craziness, it's like no time has passed since Love Shack!
Great production on the thing.

Beth said...

Thanks for the reminder to back up my iTunes library - haven't done it in ages.
And, yes, that was a "fun" song.

patricia said...

Wow, those cats still look good! I love the B52s, too.

Their new song is fun, but I think songs like 'Love Shack' and 'Rock Lobster' are waaaaay better. Glad they're still going strong, though!