Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Lost Memoirs...

This is not my usual fare.
But I recently read the terrific new [2008] novel called
The Lost Memoirs Of Jane Austen.
Written by Syrie James.
I have a confession.
I have never ever read even one Jane Austen novel even though I have a complete set of Austen novels on my bookshelf. Even though she was one of the favorite authors of one of my favorite authors [C.S. Lewis].
I really liked this novel, even though the cover of the book is a little light on the loafers! As many of you know, I do about 95% of my reading in one Starbucks or another… so this non-masculine cover was way conspicuous! I usually kept it flat on the table, right? You know what I mean? And looked around with that, “Yep, Tom Clancy! He’s the best!” look on my face.
But Syrie’s novel moved me, because it is about one of my favorite topics, ever. [Don’t tell the guys down at the loading dock…] LOVE!
The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen is all about meeting the right person!
And… and meeting several wrong people, too!
Undoubtedly, the author is well-versed in Austenology. The whole thing whisps along like a great Austen-based MOVIE [I’ve seen them all!].
What is the premise?
Syrie James says, “On rereading Jane Austen’s letters, I noticed a two-year gap from January 1809 through April 1811, where personal letters were either nonexistent or missing. Those two years immediately preceded the publication of her first novel, Sense and Sensibility – when Jane was in her early thirties and had already written the first drafts of three complete novels, but was stalled in her writing career. I couldn’t help but wonder: what happened during those missing years?”
The Lost Memoirs is a fictional answer to that question.
It’s about the perseverance of true love, and how the societal strains of the early 19th Century can force even the greatest of soulmates asunder.
Or not.
It was a fine, enjoyable, read.
Recommended by Bookpuddle.
Visit the author’s website.



Melanie said...

I can picture you reading this in Starbucks, oh so nonchalantly. Good to hear you enjoyed it.

cipriano said...

Yeah.... surreptitiously reading.
It is a worthwhile book, really.

Beth said...

So, why do women not care if they're seen reading a Tom Clancy book?
Have noted the novel. I love, "what if" scenarios.