Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Guy ROCKS!

Hi y’all.
This blog shall have not much at all to do with books. But have any of you ever heard of this Bill Dan guy?
He balances rocks.
He has the gift of…. rock balancing, apparently.
I’ve been watching several clips on Youtube, and I am just amazed that this guy can do this. Apparently he is frequently asked about the "meaning" of his work, and he often replies that "Some people try to make things too complicated. This is the opposite."
I agree that it is the opposite…. of something all right!
Something called GRAVITY!

Learn more about Bill Dan.


Beth said...

Fascinating. They're actually quite beautiful. How the hell does he do it?
I could use a skill like that - you know, one that enables you to defy gravity...

Maria said...

I don't believe it, there must be a trick !?
But it looks absolutely fascinating...

Jeane said...

That is very, very cool.

cipriano said...

It's quite amazing, huh?
I know, Maria, I thought it must be a trick, too!
But after watching several of the clips, and reading about the guy... well, if it is a trick, it is a pretty darn good one!

Maria said...

I found out how they do it! Look! ;-)
Balancing point:

Balancing point reversed:

cipriano said...

Maria: I watched those videos, totally neat.
But I still think this Bill Dan guy is really doing it!

Maria said...

Cipriano, yes, I was only kidding, I found these videos so funny.... But I also believe that Bill Dan really does it!
Nice weekend,