Saturday, July 19, 2008

Balder Every Morning: A Saturday Poem

Balder Every Morning

Like he does not have enough of his own.

He’s covered, from ear to claw with it.
And wants mine.

I cannot tell you how many nights

I’ve awakened to this chewing, gnawing

Saliva-filled, purring feline in nirvana.

My cat is eating my hair.

And it feels good, to me.

I would not tell that to everyone.

It’s all I can do to make him stop.

I say, “Jack! NO!”

But I mean, “Yes!”

And I think he knows it.

Something so therapeutic about it.
He was born at night, but not last night!

I cuddle him close, so our noses touch.
And tell him to behave.

And fall asleep again, hoping he forgets.

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2008


Beth said...

Such an original poem - and an original idea. (Blaming the cat for encroaching baldness...)
If I let my dog sleep with me, I'd be covered in hair!

cipriano said...

Thank you, Beth.
[Yep.... I blame the cat for other things around here, besides baldness!]

stefanie said...

Love the poem. My cat before my two cuties would nuzzle into my hair and suck on it and purr like crazy. I loved it.