Friday, July 04, 2008

I Am A Total Tool...

For reasons, or rather “reason” [ singular] I have had a rather stressful past few days, and I am just now sort of having a bit of a more relaxing time.
It has been near impossible to write anything over the past little while, but I did manage to finish the reading of a fairly good novel, that being the latest one from Russell Banks, entitled The Reserve.
It was an enjoyable read and I will write a review soon. The book has made me interested in reading other stuff by this author. Have any of you read any of the other books of Russell Banks? If so, which would you recommend?

So… seeing as I have had such a stressful week and all, I thought I would do something simple, like post a photo of my family.

That first guy there?
That’s my brother Adam. He’s a real character. Thinks he is the King of the Barbeque!
In back there, that’s my sister Becky. I know… she’s got sort of hairy man-legs and all… I gave her a Lady Schick as a stocking stuffer last Christmas but apparently she has no interest in the product!
Next to her, that’s me…. yours truly, blowing off some steam. I could also use a Lady Schick, apparently!
Then, in the apron, complete with false hanging gonads, that’s my other brother, Samson. Thought he was a real tough guy before the haircut!

I’m kidding.
All of the above is not true, [except the thing about my sister’s legs.]

The above is a picture of my favorite rock band in current history.
I am relatively new to the Tool scene….. having only discovered them with the release of their 2006 CD entitled "10,000 Days.”
Truth is, I was driving in my car when the song called The Pot started to play. I was immediately enthralled.
I remember arriving at my destination and I would not shut the car off until the song was finished…. and wow… it took a long while to finish! It has several false endings!
I then waited for the DJ to name the band, and I wrote it down. Bought the album. Loved it. I have rarely happened across a band that spoke more clearly to my... my inner, mildly-insane, non-conformist!
Then…. I bought EVERYTHING ELSE these crazy boys have ever done.
I am now, [as Hemingway might conclude]…. an aficionado!
A Tool junkie.
You might even say… I am a total tool!



stefanie said...

I have not heard Tool but I am going to have to now after your post, that is, if I can ever manage to stop laughing! :D

cipriano said...

Oh Stefanie, you will find them to be a very interesting bunch of lads.
My own favorite songs would be:
-- Rosetta Stoned
-- The Pot
-- Vicarious
-- Stinkfist
-- Aenima

Amazing music... true art. But heavy.
Different. Definitely not lullabies.
Very few adagio moments...