Thursday, August 14, 2008

Going There, With Me

Hello Friends:
It is very early in the morning… it is still night, actually.
I was “untimely ripp’t” from the cozy bed!
But the time has finally come for me to leave Dodge, for this Infamous Wedding I have been all a-fluster about, for so long now.
Off to Vancouver Island!
I think I may be more nervous and stressed out over it than the bride and/or groom are!
I will be singing a beautiful song called “Go There With You” at the actual ceremony portion. During that song, the bride and groom [since it’s sort of a… near-the-ocean wedding] will be doing something called a “sand-pouring”. Instead of the usual deal with the candles and all. I am also the MC for the reception portion.
At any rate, I am just tuniing in here to my site [as Jack meows in the background, knowing that those blue suitcases mean that Dad is leaving again… don’t worry, Animal Rights Activists… I have a cat-sitter that takes much better care of him when I am away, than I do, when I’m here…] as I was saying, I am just tuning in here as a cab is driving to my place to pick me up, to say that I will not be around much, Bookpuddle-wise, for the next little while.
For those of you who may be interested in knowing about it, the extraction of my bothersome wisdom tooth [two days ago] went extremely well. Excellent excellent dental surgeon.
It was funny, while my mouth was cranked open, Dr. Johnson’s assistant asked me… “So where is it you are going on vacation?”
I stared at her… saucer-eyed!
Is she seriously asking me a question in my current state?

Here below, is the song I will be singing at the wedding.
[NOTE: There is no real visual accompaniment.]
I love this song. It’s by Steven Curtis Chapman.

See you on the flipside!
-- Cipper


stefanie said...

Glad the tooth extraction went well. Those dental folk, what joksters they are. They always try to hold conversations at the weirdest moments! Have a great trip! Looking forward to hearing the details upon your return.

Beth said...

It is a beautiful (and moving) song.
Sing it well and sing it proud!

Have a wonderful time with your family.

cipriano said...

Thanks kids!
I'm HERE, I'm HERE... on the beautiful beautiful Island!
-- Cip