Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'll Marry The Sister...

Those of you who have been paying attention in class may recall that soon I will be the MC at the wedding of my niece, Amy.
I am taking the thing sort of seriously. I want to be funny, is what I mean.
I don’t want to just announce stuff.
There’s this one friend of mine [I will not mention names] but his wife Melanie pees her pants when she laughs real hard. They will be there. They will be at the wedding on the 16th of August.
Melanie’s…. umm, dress-moisture will be my gauge of success.

So tonight I am rooting around on the Internet, mostly on Youtube. Trying to find some funny material to use…. jokes, etc. From former Wedding MC’s that have gone before me. However, my own original stuff is better than anything I am finding here on the Web.
So I am just going to say “Hell with it” and stick with using what has worked in the past. [I have MC’d two weddings before]. I will use my original jokes. Original re-written songs. Drinking beer through a straw rammed up my nose. Stuff like that!
But, in my research I did happen to stumble over a Youtube clip that is simply PRICELESS!
I must share this with you, dear Puddle-reader. I think these two are just DYNAMITE!
This is, far and away, the best first dance of Bride and Groom I have ever seen!
These two are obviously made for each other!

Mmmm…. I wanna know.
Does she have a sister for me?


Trish said...

Dangit--I hate when blogger craps out on me and deletes my comments!! Anyway, in short have a great time at the wedding--get everyone involved but keep it about your neice. I'd love to visit Ottawa one day; we'll be in Toronto in a few weeks but everyone says Ottawa is too far away to visit. Baloney, I say! Oh ya, thanks for coming by earlier.

Melanie said...

I'm sure your own material would be waaaay funnier than anything online. Lucky Amy!

stefanie said...

Good plan to stick with your own stuff. I am sure it will be much funnier than borrowing from others. I've seen that wedding dance before. It is most excellent!

Merisi said...

I agree with the commenters who came before me, and that utube bride is peeworthy! *giggle*

patricia said...

Oh I LOVE this video. Love it, love it, love it. I've watched over and over since I first saw it a few months ago. Aren't they amazing? That's what I thought too – these two were made for each other. Such a wonderful sense of fun, and a true love of life!

Re: your speech – I know you'll be amazing! Do you think you could dance like these guys?