Wednesday, September 03, 2008

From Spit To Eyelashes

Have you ever wondered what you were made of?
No, no, I do not mean the real obvious stuff, like skin and blood and underwear and Chanel #5 and denim.
I mean what you are really made up of, chemically speaking.
Yes, you are skin and blood and spit.... but what are these things made of?
Well, after you read this blog, you will always know.
I am going to show you a little trick, a way to remember, and I KNOW that it works, because I am writing this from memory, here in the coffee shop.
[Granted, it does sort of help if you are familiar with your Periodic Table of Basic Elements.]
Let me explain --

See, you and I, all of us humanoids, are [when it all boils down] only made up of TEN THINGS.
Ten basic elements.
These ten basic elements make up every part of you.
From spit to eyelashes.
And I am going to show you a helpful way to remember what these are.
All you have to remember is:


See, when someone asks you, “Hey Rosco. What are human beings made of?” [and let’s face it, this happens at least two or three times a week, am I right? Especially if your name is Rosco!].... all you have to think of is S.P. COHN’S Magic Café.

But in your mind, you must see it as I originally wrote it out, [it’s called a “mnemonic”] because each part stands for an element.
In other words:

S = sulfur
P = phosphorous

C = carbon
O = oxygen
H = hydrogen
N = nitrogen
‘S = ummm, this doesn’t stand for anything, I just needed it so the thing makes sense.

Mg = magnesium
K = potassium

Ca = calcium
Fe = iron

These are the actual scientific abbreviations for these elements.
That's it baby! That's what makes up your you-ness!
Like I said.... it does help if you are familiar with this realm of..... chemistriatrics.
But truly, minus the belt buckle [and even that may be included in the last element].... you and I are a walking, talking, blogging, amalgamated conglomeration of these ten things.
Now you know.



Beth said...

How utterly fitting that your mnemonic has the word "cafe" in it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Beth. Where's the cafeine in all of that? After your years of hanging out at your favorite coffee place, you've most likely added an eleventh element to your chemistry!

stefanie said...

Yeah, you forgot the periodic chart symbol for caffeine ;)

But thanks, I feel so much smarter now. I will remember the mnemonic and forget what it means :)