Friday, September 05, 2008

I Love This Guy

I’m sending out a Happy Birthday a few hours early to one of my favorite musicians of all time – an all-time musical hero – an icon – a legend before his time – one of the most poetic lyricists EVER --- Roger Waters!
Mr. Waters…. Happy 65th Birthday to you!
Damn, you’re looking good for 65.
You're giving that ol' Buddhist [Richard Gere] a run for his money!
Tomorrow, Sept.6th, the old man blows out the candles!

Those familiar with this blog will know that my favorite music ever is that of Pink Floyd.
And one of the most influential members of that group is bassist and all-around poet-magician, Roger Waters.
Without question, Pink Floyd speaks to the inner… Floydian, in me!
And as for his career as a solo artist, well, I have been to two Waters concerts in the past couple of years and both times, I had an out-of-body experience! [Mind you, there was more smoke than air in the venues!]

Tonight I am listening to In The Flesh [Waters concert] in its entirety.
I am into the fourth song right now.
Jack and I are getting high, in celebration.
I was a bit low on weed, so he and I are smoking one of his hairballs!

I think that Pink Floyd has special powers.
Those of the theological and/or apocalyptical bent may be interested to know that the infamous Antichristical number “666” figures prominently into the Floyd birthdates!
Check it out:
Syd Barrett: January 6th (1946)
Roger Waters: September 6th (1943)
David Gilmour: March 6th (1946)

Scary stuff!
Especially when I’m high like this….



Beth said...

Only Peter Gabriel (with Genesis and on his own) and The Alan Parsons Project come close to Pink Floyd. (But just close...)

P.S. If hairballs work, I need a cat.

cipriano said...

Ahh Beth.
Trust me, it is powerful stuff.
And cheap. There is always a ready supply, here.

I agree with you on the Alan Parsons Project. It is my number 2, 3, or maybe 4th favoritest music ever. [Did you know that he was the producer for Dark Side of The Moon?]