Friday, September 19, 2008

Singin' In The Rain

Tonight at Chapters I picked up a book about great Canadian athletes… one of these huge-normous coffee-table style books. Of course, half of the book is about Wayne Gretzky.
But a certain section was devoted to this guy, figure-skater Kurt Browning.
And so I sipped my coffee and read about Kurt.
I have always thought of Kurt Browning as one of the greatest Canadian athletes of all time. Really. I am not just saying that because I saw this book tonight. I once saw him skate, LIVE, and I shall never forget it. To list Kurt’s achievements [4-Time World Champion, 4-Time Canadian Champion, 3-Time Olympic Team Member, 3-Time World Professional Champion] would just be rather boring here, so in lieu of doing so, [even though I just did so] I will place a clip from his television special of Yesteryear.
A way-younger-than-present-day, severely hairier Kurt introduces the piece to us.
I think it is an artistically beautiful and [typically] Kurt-flawless number.

On March 25, 1988, Kurt Browning landed the first ever quadruple jump in competition at Worlds in Budapest, Hungary.
Check it out HERE.
[Warning: May cause severe dizziness.]


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