Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Long Live AC/DC

Yesterday [Oct.20th] was the North American launch of the new [long-awaited, much anticipated] CD from AC/DC.
← Black Ice.
I will never forget the first time I realized that I was in love with AC/DC. It was about 68 years ago now. I was stoned. Just this side of comatose.
The perfect state for a lifelong musical epiphany, right?
I was playing billiards with my friend Warren Zimmerman, in his basement.
We weren’t really “playing” billiards, we were…. we were too amazed at the physics involved in the process of hitting this one white ball and then it hits this other colored one and…. no wait, not that one you idiot, you’ve got to sink a red one first and… and then… [groundless laughter] – "Did you hear that?"
"Whut?" [Yours truly, at his most eloquent.]
"I heard…. was that the front door?" -- [the combined paranoid-laden circumference of our dilated pupils is somewhere around three square metres]… Warren goes over to the turntable and drops the needle on Sin City.
From the Powerage album.

Oh, yeah – I’ve gotten older. Soberer.
Cut my Frampton hair. I got a job and stuff.
But…. I’ve never really recovered.

Click on these lads!
You’ve just gotta love ‘em.
[‘Specially if you’re a guy].
If you are a man, you need not respond [I don’t even want to know if you don’t like this band…] but I would be especially interested in hearing from any womenfolk that agree with me.
According to the above video-excerpt, the love of AC/DC has male-bonding connections.
My question, girls, is simple.
Is AC/DC not the greatest invention since the... since the pool cue?


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stefanie said...

I can't call myself a fan, just an enjoyer of some of their sings. But I've heard some good reviews of the album. My husband is a fan so we will likely, eventually, have the album spinning on our CD player.