Wednesday, October 08, 2008

No ID Required

Ahh, yes!
In my mailbox tonight was a notice from Canada Post that my new Saramago book is in. Unfortunately, I was out!
When I am not home to receive parcels from the postman [and I am NEVER… not once have I been here for such an event] the parcel goes to a place down the street, Desjardins Pharmacy, and I have to go pick it up.
The little Phillipino lady behind the counter knows me well. In the past I was required to show my photo-ID.
Nowadays, as I walk in the door she is already heading to the side-room where a new book or two will be waiting for me!
And no ID required.
I’m a regular at the Desjardins postal outlet!
So, on Saturday I will pick up this wonderful new book by my favorite living author, Jose Saramago.
It's called Death With Interruptions.
Main idea? As of January 1st, no one dies! As in, people quit dying.
Whatever this guy uses for topping on his Corn Flakes..... I need to get me some!
I can't wait to read this new novel.
In the meantime, however, I have launched out into the deep prostitute-infested waters of a gargantuan-sized book --
The Crimson Petal and the White
, by Michel Faber.
An 896-page brick!
Oh, it is sooooooo good!
I am at page 163 and truly enjoying yet another author destined to become a favorite in my Mile-Long List.



stefanie said...

I recently received a Barnes and Noble gift card and this book tops the list of what I might buy with it!

cipriano said...

Oh, Stefanie.
Let me say, prophetically even... ye cannot go wrong in choosing this book with thy Gift Card!
I very much anticipate its pages.