Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I wonder.
Being thoroughly Canadian [whatever that means] umm -- is it unpatriotic of me to care way more about American politics than I do about Canadian politics?
Watching the events unfold last night and seeing them unfold as I was inwardly hoping they would have unfolded, I was thrilled and jubilant in a way that was nowhere evident for me three weeks earlier, when we held our own federal election.

Is this a sign I should move to Obamaville, Illinois?



Rebecca H. said...

Well, politics in America is always a good story, isn't it? Nothing wrong with being interested in that! Yay for Obama!

Anonymous said...

It's a happy thing, isn't it? And it is exciting that so many Americans who have never voted before did and were excited about it. We've got 16 and 17 year-olds running around declaring they can't wait to turn 18 so they can vote! It's like this great beast is shaking its head and waking up.

~::* Kreativemess *::~ said...

I sadly feel the same way. I know way more about the American politics then ours.


Anonymous said...

We feel the same excitement, here in far away Southern Europe.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that the passion and joy you have been witnessing with Obama has everything do with the horrendous load of lies, corruption, greed and arrogance that those poor US folk have had to endure with the Bush administration.

Harper's administration is dull and boring, and yes, sometimes mean-spirited, and certainly narrow-minded, but I do not believe that they are utterly evil and corrupt. I would not want to experience a Bush-like leader in order to experience an Obama-like leader.

I guess we'll just have to dream about Trudeau until someone as charismatic as him comes back in on the scene. So far I don't see anyone like that on the horizon.

Merisi said...

You were not alone with those thoughts that night, Cip!

Obamaville is in your heart,
so don't call the movers. Yet. ;-)

I am tempted, though.