Monday, December 29, 2008

The Epitome of Sarcasm...

Well, as my faithful readers know, I really love great music.
If you had asked me yesterday if any musical group could ever rival Pink Floyd in my estimation of musical perfection I would have said, “No way, Jose!”
But tonight I think I have found a new favorite group.
Pink Floyd Pink SHMOYD!
These guys are incredible. I think they are all one family. Incredible musicians, really. Meaningful, touching lyrics. The keyboardist alone is simply amazing.
And the bass solo. Roger Waters eat your heart out!
My God, I nearly started crying.
Check them out for yourself.

Oh, to touch the hem of their garment!
Like me, you will be running to the nearest HMV to nab their new CD!


Alyce said...

I can't believe this group is for real! It's like an SNL skit. I seriously thought it was a joke until the host of the show came on and greeted them. There is just so much here I could spend all day picking it apart. LOL! Did you hear the line about God being like a Canadian Mountie?

Alyce said...

Gah! It's stuck in my head!

Cipriano said...

They are quite horrid as hell's half-acre, for sure.
Probably some inbreeding going on there!
And yet, as you say... it's quite catchy, huh?
May I forget it all by tomorrow is my "prayer".

Beth said...

You got me...
I nearly started crying, too.
I should have paid more attention to your post title!

Cold Molasses said...

Wow...that was terrific pal! J-J-J-Jesus...Mountie Jesus!!!! What a friend of his!

Maybe he meant Jesus (as in pronounced "Hey-suess") and got confused!