Monday, January 26, 2009

The Dip & The Book

See…. [he takes a deep breath…] umm… when I was back on the cold prairies a few weeks ago I was invited out to these real nice people’s place for supper and their name was The Burgesses well actually their name is just “Burgess” but if you are talking about both of them at the same time you would use the plural as I just did and so anyway Maria that’s the female half of the Burgesses she sets out these appetizers and one of the things was some hunks of bread and this dip stuff and WOW I started eating it like there was no tomorrow so I asked her where she got it and she says COSTCO so I made a mental note to seriously pick some of this stuff up as soon as I got back here to Ottawa and so today was the day so I hop in the car and I go to COSTCO on my lunch break from work and I’m looking for this Artichoke and Jalapeno dip and by golly I found it but as I passed by the book section of COSTCO I couldn’t help but notice this book by Geraldine Brooks called People of the Book and ever since I first saw it way back when I have wanted to pick it up because the cover of it really intrigues me and so I go to the cashier now with this tub of Artichoke dip and this new book and now I am sitting here reading the book and it is fabulous and as soon as I can pry myself away from the thing for a minute or two I am going to rip up some hunks of bread and eat half of this tub of Artichoke dip and it just occurred to me that if Maria Burgess had not served this crazy stuff a few weeks ago I never would have discovered Geraldine Brooks or at least not today and so there are times when you really don’t know what’s going to happen next and if you also get the urge to go and get some of this Artichoke stuff I’m going to warn you right now that after you eat a hefty pile of it your breath will smell like a baboon’s backyard.


Michele said...

Haven't read the Brooks novel yet but can definitively state that the artichoke/jalapeno dip is some of the finest on this earth especially with Ruffles.


Anonymous said...

I haven't read Geraldine Brooks' novels but I went to see her read before she died and she was amazing! Definitely something I will never forget.

Also, whoo Costco!

Alyce said...

The dip sounds delicious! I'm so bummed that it's from Costco though because we don't shop there (it's far from where we live and my husband's not a fan).

Enjoy the book!

Beth said...

Well crafted run-on sentence.
It works.

Anonymous said...

Exactly how is it that you would know what a baboon's backyard smells like?!?

Anonymous said...

Are you sharing the dip with Jack? And does he get to read the book over your shoulder? Or do you read it out loud to him?

Cold Molasses said...

Ah yes...the artichoke dip...very good. Tell us Cip...what do you put your dip on? Me...I like a fresh loaf of bread to break and spread with warmed dip.