Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who's Counting?

Just a word to my fellow blogmen and blogwomen…. do you utilize a site-counter or hit-meter or whatever they are called?
Since I started my blog, I installed one of these free hit-counters on my site and for the most part it worked fine [I guess]! How is one to know if it is really working accurately, right? I know that I have very few readers, when it comes down to it, but those readers are quite faithful, have become friends, and I sincerely appreciate them. They are quality readers. You who are reading this, for instance, I like you!
You are a patient, quality, faithful reader.
Well, for the past few weeks I noticed that the hit-meter was either stuck or dead or something worse, so I went in to the template and did some maintenance, sort of re-installed the thing, and it was supposed to show up anew with the previous number, which was around 70,500, intact.
It didn’t.
It started up [at the very bottom of my opening page] with a big fat ZERO!
So, now, I am back up at around 120 hits.
Seeing as I have blogging for 46 months now… wow! That’s 2.5 readers a month!
Oh, the frustrations of blogging!



Alyce said...

If you install a new hit counter you should be able to start it from where you were at before. I use one from It's ad-free and had a little box that asked what number I wanted to start from.

I recently changed my stat counter because I had unknowingly installed one that had an ad embedded. Good luck!

Michele said...

For what it's worth, I ditched my counter and never intend to have one again.

Like you, I have a valued circle of readers/commenters and that's what I focus on. When they stop coming around, I'll know that my stats are down.

Either that or I trust someone to tell me I'm boring them to tears, LOL.

Beth said...

Check your stats for today. I think you'll find you're way past the 2.5 readers per month stat.
(No need for a formal thank-you...)

maggie moran said...

Oh, and to make matters worse, I read you within my reader, bloglines. I read but never get counted by your statmeter unless I leave a message. So, here I am to be counted :D

Anonymous said...

I think you have more readers than you give yourself credit for since the counter is just shy of 200 now!

Sam Sattler said...

I don't worry much about the number of hits shown on my meter, but I do love the information it gives about where people are from and what brought them to the site. Some of the Google search words that had them come to my site are really funny...and sometimes embarrassing.

Cipriano said...

Thank you all, for such encouraging remarks.
As long as good folks like you keep reading [me], QUALITY trumps QUANTITY!