Monday, February 02, 2009

[Don't] Raise My Rent

I love iTunes.
What I mean is… I have not actually handled a CD in ages!
And why should I?
I have thousands of tunes in my Mac’s iTunes.
The stuff will play forever if I just click on one song…
I know that you know what I mean, dear Reader.
But seriously, it’s got to be one of the greatest innovative inventions of our time… iTunes©.
And I just wanted to mention a certain phenomenon that has been happening now for oh……. about four or five months, maybe longer. It seems that every time I sit down to my desk and have the computer running, I begin my musical journey with a certain song by David Gilmour. [Pink Floyd].
The song is called “Raise My Rent”.
It’s an entirely instrumental song from his 1978 solo album…. the whole album is pure genius.
And as most of you already know, I am a thoroughly baptized [full-immersion] Floyd devotee.
So, I click on Raise My Rent [a phrase which, sadly, annually applies to me in a personal way… curse the landlords!] and I sit back and listen until my playlist ends at his latest solo release, On An Island. [Where I will surely end up one day -- if they keep raising my rent!]
At any rate, I just wanted you to also be able to hear the song, and I can see no other way than resorting to YouTube yet again.
Thank [the non-literal] God for YouTube.
Thank [the figurative] Jesus for iTunes.
Thank yourself for clicking on the arrow.
Listen to Gilmour.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cippy,

I loved this piece of music and I had my oldest son listen to it and he's totally loving it too. In fact he downloaded it on his laptop just to be able to listen to it before falling asleep at night. He is a big fan of all things Pink Floyd-ish so this is hitting all the right notes with him too.
Thanks for sharing!

Cipriano said...

That is awesome, C.
I am always glad to be spreading the Gospel of Gilmour.