Thursday, February 26, 2009

Splash du Jour: Thursday

I am in the midst of reading a terrific book by Ottawa author Elizabeth Hay.
← Garbo Laughs.
It’s about a woman that is completely obsessed with the watching of movies. As I read it I realize that I am much the same way, except for me, the obsession is with books.
And I happened upon an excellent quote about why books are better than movies…

Because there's no arguing with pictures. You simply accept or reject them. What's up there on the screen moves too fast to permit analysis or argument. You can't control the flow of images the way you can control a book - by rereading a chapter, rereading a paragraph, rereading a sentence. A book invites argument, invites reconsideration, invites thought. A moving picture is beyond thought. Like feeling, it simply is.
-- Guy Vanderhaeghe, in The Englishman’s Boy
[I totally stole the above quote from a posting of Beth’s, at BooksEtc.]

Have a great Thursday!


Beth said...

Any quotation worth quoting is worth repeating!

Jeane said...

I really love that quote. Sums up just how I feel about the difference between films and books (both of which I enjoy, but books always have preference!)