Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Dear Readers!
All of you who have entered The First Annual St. Patrick’s Day Bookpuddle© Book Giveaway Event…. Thing!
As you can see, I have faithfully made sure that everyone who submitted their name was entered into the draw.

I wish you all luck!
The luck of the Irish!
[Now, the trick is going to be to somehow camouflage these pieces of paper as food pellets, and then convince my cat that he’s hungry.]

Even though I deliberately starved him all day in preparation for his role in these proceedings, he initially was not all that enthused about these white foreign objects in his food dish!
But finally he moved in and nudged at a few.
He glanced at me to see if everything was on the level.
I said, “Go on Jack, pick one of those.”
So he did, and then he ran away a bit and I had to grab him quickly and extract the thing from his mouth.
It was full of cat spit.

And so, as you can see below, the lucky winner of the Geraldine Brooks book People of the Book, is…..

Congratulations, Dorothy W.
Check out her excellent blog at Of Books and Bikes.


Anonymous said...

And in spite of it all, Jack looks wholly unimpressed! I hope he got a treat for all the work he did! :)

Alyce said...

That does not look like a happy cat. :)

Congrats to Dorothy W!

Cipriano said...

Tell me about it! Jack is hard to impress. He's all "been there, done that!"

No kidding.
I'm still dealing with his lawyers about this.