Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Kamouflage Kitty

Can you find the hidden cat in these photos?

He blends in so well with my couch,
sometimes I forget he is there!

The ever regal Jack, after a hard day of....... sleeping.


Alyce said...

What a beautiful kitty!

Anonymous said...

Ha! That is excellent! Have you ever accidentally sat on him? I used to have a cat that was the same color as my carpet. When the light was dim he and my foot were always in danger!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how do you know he sleeps? He might be anxiously waiting for you to return, wondering what you do standing in the hallway for all those hours every day. He's waiting to smell that lovely hamburgery smell about you when you've been standing there, in the hall, for hours and hours. He may riffle through a few of those books for some light reading while he waits for you. He may worry so much that he can't sleep at all. He might wonder if he's the cause of your daily need to escape. He may wonder if his eating your hair has finally driven you away for good. He may even be using that terrific grill of yours with whatever he can find in your fridge that's edible...hmm or even with the odd pigeon from your pigeon condo. You don't know for sure that he hasn't figured out how to get to them all.
He looks exhausted, and he very well might be you know...those are long days of waiting he's putting in.
It's a hard cats life.

Cipriano said...

I will tell Jack you love him, Alyce.

Stefanie, I have indeed sat on the poor guy a few times. Plus, yes, he likes to be around the feet as one walks... I once rolled my computer chair back and ran over his tail with the castors. I do not ever expect forgiveness for this, by either Jack or God.
Perhaps this is why he pukes in my shoes?

Anonymous, you are totally right. I'm at Starbucks right now... how can I be sure that Jack isn't right now shooing his cat-friends out the door and vacuuming up the mess they all made, partying all damn day while I worked to buy him his $44.00 bag of catfood!