Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Splash du Jour: Wednesday

← Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist, by Michael J. Fox.
At the turn from our bedroom into the hallway, there is an old full-length mirror in a wooden frame. I can’t help but catch a glimpse of myself as I pass. Turning fully toward the glass, I consider what I see. This reflected version of myself, wet, shaking, rumpled, pinched, and slightly stooped, would be alarming were it not for the self-satisfied expression pasted across my face. I would ask the obvious question, “What are you smiling about?” but I already know the answer: “It just gets better from here.”
-- From Always Looking Up

Wow, I have been so waiting for this book to come out and just last night saw it for the first time in the store. If I hadn’t just bought about six or seven books in the past week or so I would have bought this one to add to the pile. I will be getting it as soon as my book-budget allows for it!
I loved his first book Lucky Man.

Have a great Wednesday!


Sam Sattler said...

Michael J. Fox is an inspiration and a hero. I've enjoyed his work almost from the beginning of his career, but what he's done since becoming so ill is much more important to anything he achieved in film. I wish I had half his courage...

Cipriano said...

You are so right, Sam.
Michael J. Fox... I don't know, he just really inspires me.
He seems to me to be the epitome of, well... as the subtitle suggests --> OPTIMISM.

Stefanie said...

I've always loved Michael J. Fox. He's a fun actor and seems like a genuinely good person. And the fact that Parkinsons has not turned him into an angry bitter person but an advocate, is, as you say Cip, inspiring.

Christin said...

Very sad espically as he was my childhood rolemodel; makes me fell real old :(