Sunday, April 12, 2009

The TBR Shelf©

Do any of you have a TBR Shelf?
That is, a To Be Read Shelf, where you place the books that you have not had the time to get to, yet?
I have not had one, until tonight.
I haven’t had the room.
So I have books strewn about the coffee table and all over, but not a real designated place for them to await my all-consuming interest and/or whim.
Just tonight, while doing some radical springtime-cleaning, I realized that if I purge this one CD shelf of all the CD’s I no longer listen to, I can have room for my TBR Shelf.
So I did it. The result is what you see above. Some room for the books that I have yet to crack open.
And below is a boxful of displaced CD’s I am going to send to my music-loving sister.



Anonymous said...

We went so far as to get a bench, put in a shelf underneath it, and then put the TBR books on the shelf. That way one could sit on the bench while perusing the TBRs, contemplating how they still weren't getting read and how one day they would be, etc. It works out great, and we even rotate books out from time to time!

May said...

I have often wondered how many books you possess.

Anonymous said...

I have two shelves full of TBRs. I add to the shelves faster than I can move books out of them though. Plus there are people who lend me books and I always feel it's most important to get those back to them pronto since I HATE being without one of my books for too long so I assume others feel the same anxiety.
I have to get working on those shelves again soon though...before I continue adding to them!

Beth said...

“My name is E. Stewart and I have an addiction...”
Of course I have a TBR shelf!
And, I confess, I also have a few piles lying on the floor.

Melwyk said...

At this point, I have more of a TBR bookcase. I like your idea of spring cleaning to make room, maybe I will actually have to follow your example!

Jeane said...

I no longer have room on my shelves- all full- all books. My TBR is heaps on the bedroom floor.

Merisi said...

I still have TBR books - fewer though, since I don't leave in DC anymore and the English books here are so expensive. I miss being able to go book browsing. :-(

Merisi said...

... don't live in DC anymore ... sorry. *sigh*

Stefanie said...

A very nice shelf and I am sure your sis will love the CDs. I have TBR shelves and beside those I have TBR piles since there is no longer enough shelf space to contain them all. I am saving books for retirement :)