Thursday, May 14, 2009

Re-Thinking My Mix

Umm… I’m not even sure I should confess the following story.
But here I go….
About a week ago I was told about some people that got very sick from eating pancakes made with expired batter!
At the time, I listened to this story with mild interest, while thinking “Hmmm. I have some old pancake mix in my cupboard, I know I do….”
Know what I mean?
I forgot about it entirely – until a few minutes ago.
I opened that cupboard to get some salt to refill my shaker!
Well there it is – that box of pancake mix!
So I took it out and looked at the expiry date.
Holy Moly!
And Uncle Badger!
I’m sort of embarrassed to tell you [keep in mind folks, I am an incorrigible bachelor]….. where was I, oh yeah, wicked embarrassed to tell you what the expiry date is on this stuff.
→ May 22, 1998.

I'm totally serious.
My mix is ten years old, with an 11th birthday fast approaching!
Isn’t that disgusting?
Should I be arrested?
And still [ever the “Waste not – Want not” type]… I am wondering, really having an inner battle here… should I throw this stuff out, or make a big heap of pancakes for myself and Jack tomorrow morning!



Anonymous said...

It seems like, after the expiration date, the baking powder or baking soda or whatever might be dysfunctional, but I don't see why it would make you sick. Not that I have any basis by which to know. However, I do think that the least you could do is throw it a birthday party (serve pancakes) on May 22.

Cipriano said...

Yes, Rhapsody!
The Pancake Birthday Party is an EXCELLENT idea.
I can whip up some of these decade-old flapjacks and then slather them with some vintage [circa 2001] Aunt Jemima I've got festering in the fridge here.....

Shark said...

I'm fortunate that I move around so much, otherwise I too (I'm sure of it) would end up with a cupboard full off expired baking products... Why though do I get the feeling that if I were to visit you a year hence, this same box of pancake mix will still be in your cupboard?

Beth said...

Throw it out! Do you want to be sick for the holiday weekend?

And don't feel too badly - I've found crap in the fridge with similar expiry dates. It has nothing to do with being a "bachelor" - and everything to do with being lazy.

Stefanie said...

I don't think I would risk it. I would if it were say a month or two past its prime but not over a decade. And don't feel bad. I think I have some dry beans in my cupboard that are about 8 years old.

kingmonkey said...

No, no, it's perfectly fine. You see, when something goes bad, it eventually gets so bad that it reaches a minimum acceptability level, at which point it begins to return to perfectly safe and nutritious again. That, my friend, is why I have 10-year-old cheese in my fridge (although I should point out that it started off of lettuce).

Merisi said...

Oh, brother!
Toss the mix,
recycle the paper,
to feel good about it.

Want a pancake recipe?
I think those mixes are just a way for the food companies to sell you flour at exorbitant prices.

Alyce said...

I was about to give you a hard time about this when I stopped to think about some of the items in my kitchen. Specifically the spice rack that was a gift almost 12 years ago. I think I need to go do some cleaning. :)

Cipriano said...

Shark -- it is entirely possible, as you suggest.
You know me well!

I did Beth, I threw it out, I really and truly did.

Thank you for the moral support, Stefanie.

Kingmonkey, you are suggesting that I wait a bit longer until some sort of evolutionary process morphs my mix at a molecular level? Sounds intriguing... but I already threw the stuff out. It will have to do its mutating in some landfill.

Merisi, I would love a pancake recipe. You mean, from scratch? I have never in my life baked or MADE anything edible from scratch!

Oyvay! Alyce... do not even mention cleaning. I have not cleaned my fridge in like..... EVER!
I figure Hey! It's COLD in there [hence, ipso facto]... why clean it?
My oven though, one time I cleaned it. Oh, that was disgusting... I'm trying to blot out the memory...