Friday, May 01, 2009

Splash du Jour: Friday

A cat cleaning his paws looks so philosophical.
Many times they will be engrossed in it (have you noticed?) and then look up into a middle distance, as though some profound as hell thought occurred to them. And they will stare, paw held in limbo, as though they are exploring the idea and maybe even considering writing a book about it.

-- L.B., in Illinois --

Have a great Friday!


kingmonkey said...

Of course, my cats also stare at blank sections of wall for no apparent reason, on occasion. I guess there's a thin line between a philosopher and a halfwit.

Cipriano said...

Yeah, it's sort of difficult for me to convince myself that Jack [my cat] is a philosopher when he is hacking up a hairball.
But he does do this sudden staring thing... and it's eerie!

Anonymous said...

King and Cip -
O, ye of little faith. Just because they don't SHARE their thoughts with you -- jealousy is such a sad thing...