Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hibernation --

It’s not only for bears!
Today is a prime example of the fact that human beings occasionally do hibernate.
Yesterday I returned from my week-long vacation, and I still have a few days before I must get back to work. Last night as I sat around and reacquainted myself with Jack [my cat] I found that a profound tiredness hit me. Beyond a mere desire to go to sleep.
It was a need to hibernate. By ten p.m. I was zonked.
I emerged from my cave of slumber at about 1 p.m. today.
I cannot recall sleeping that heavily in a long while. I guess the past week of late late nights and early early mornings caught up with me.
But now I am back in the game. Fully rested. Rejuvenated.
Coming to you LIVE from a table at Starbucks.

Here is a picture of my table at the Calgary airport as I waited for a connecting flight early early in the morning, yesterday.
That big black brick leaning on my breakfast tray? That's the spine of Salman Rushdie’s, The Satanic Verses.
What an interesting book, have any of you read this thing?
It is different – deep! I am reading it as one might read MYTH.
What I mean is, there is a [what is the term…] “magical realism” perhaps, to it?
Rich in symbolism.
And I turn back to it now, here at my current table… ensconsed at a Starbucks in the Rideau Mall, in the capital city of Canada.



Alyce said...

I haven't read Satanic Verses, but have always wondered what it was about (or if it would be over my head). The only book I've read by Salman Rushdie is Haroun and the Sea of Stories - it was assigned reading in college.

Cipriano said...

I read that one too Alyce.
I really loved it.
Remember, in Haroun, where Rushdie had these people installing "blackbulbs" instead of "lightbulbs"?
This one is much of the same, but with some extry-LSD thrown in, or something. I'm enjoying it, but it is a difficult book. Like Marquez on acid!
Thankfully, I myself am a heroin addict, so I am "getting" a lot of this stuff.....