Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm In Heat --

--- so to say!
Today was the first day back to work after a nice two-week holiday. And it was hot.
It was damn hot.
While I was sweating, I had occasion to think about a real interesting and almost hard-to-believe factoid about my life. I’m not sure any of you readers will believe me, but I am going to say it anyway….
If someone were to ask me for some kind of unique weird factoid about my unique and weird life, I could say stuff like umm…… I have never bought a television set in my life. [ This is true, by the way].
Or, umm, I have never been without a car, since graduating from high-school. Yet, I’ve done almost 30 years of driving with only three vehicles. That’s just weird and unusual.
However, here is a factoid that is weirder than all the rest.

I am 45 years old, and have never, not ever, worked in an environment that was air-conditioned!
That’s not only weird and unusual… but profoundly sad. It’s just wrong!
I’ve been in heat a long long time, Baby!



Anonymous said...

Has it ever occurred to you that there is some sort of connection between never buying a television and working in an air conditioned environment? Who is to say what tiny snips of reality influence fate? I would say you should go out immediately and buy a television, just to test the theory. Or you could migrate farther north, like the penguins. Or even, farther south, to the desert, where we have a "dry" heat and one doesn't sweat. (However, having been dragged to Dry Heat Country myself, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, and plus, Jack would be swiftly consumed by the nearest coyote.) Personally, I would try the telly theory first!

Merisi said...

That's a record!

No airconditioning in the car(s) either?

(Reading the comment before me, I am wondering: In all this heat, did I miss your message?)

Merisi said...

Nasty Comments Tzar made me type this word: berium! Yes, like in berium sulphate. :-(

Anonymous said...

I was sure your Calais had air.