Friday, June 26, 2009

Mystery Solved [Sort of]

This is a Bizarro© cartoon.
The creator of these cartoons is Dan Piraro.
On Tuesday’s Splash du Jour, I posted one of the Bizarro cartoons that, to me, was a hilarious satirical look at the future effects of global warming.
Then Kingmonkey commented about the stick of dynamite in the cartoon.
It’s there in the lower left hand corner, amid the waves.
I had not even noticed this dynamite. And then Merisi commented that she does not “get” the cartoon. So I myself wondered about it. [See my reply to both of them in the comments section.]
An incredibly astute reader of my blog then wrote back to me, having done some research on this Piraro character. Apparently, this recurrent stick of dynamite [we see it again, for instance, in the above cartoon, tacked onto Batman’s cape] is a secret symbol.
In an interview with The Houston Chronicle, Piraro explains about the dynamite, saying:
“It refers to my wife, who changed almost everything about my life instantaneously, like an explosion. Not just in sappy, sentimental ways, but philosophically. She made me aware of the plight of animals and the environment at the hands of our rabid consumerism, and I’ve not seen the world the same since.”

I find it all quite interesting, and shall never again be perplexed about it.
I love Bizarro.
Piraro is the perfect successor to Gary Larson.



Merisi said...


have you read the new Alain de Botton book, THE PLEASURES AND SORROWS OF WORK`?

"Interesting" review in the NYTimes, (Blogger would not let me post a direct link!).

I looked at amazon readers' reactions, they are quite different. Can't wait to read your review!!!

Stefanie said...

I didn't notice the dynamite at all until you pointed it out. Guess I'm not as observant as I thought! It's kind of an odd, but nice tribute to his wife and what she means to him.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that was interesting. Looks like somethings will always remain mystery.

I myself has been trying to solve the mystery of the legend that forces you to have "earn it before

having it", for a wile now. Could not understand much though.

Let me know in case you get to understand the mystery of the Old Hound and the Legend

By the way, good writing style. I'd love to read more on similar topics

Shalini said...

Man, I followed that the dark truth link, and was completely in the story. Damn exciting. The latest post talks about a friend of him who's gone missing . Somewhere on his way to Leh, India. And the guy is asking for help find it. Soundss like an online game . This looks interesting. M already hooked on.

Hey, btw, nice post you have there - keep rocking - ;)