Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Splash du Jour: Tuesday

If you swear at fourteen it only makes you look cheap, and she’s not cheap goddamn it.
-- Alice Munro story, The Jack O’Lantern Light --

Have a great Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Alice and swearing. Hmmm.
Robert Thacker, in her bio [Alice Munro - Writing Her Lives] tells of how excited both she and her father were at the acceptance of one of her first published stories, called "The Dimensions of a Shadow."
But in that story, Munro had used the phrase "Jesus Christ" as an oath; when her father read it, Thacker reports that he "understood why she had used the expression but did not think it was a good idea. He would subsequently refer to it as 'that expression that you used.'"

Cipriano said...

There is one great videoclip that I've watched several times over [because she is so cute], where Alice admits to having smoked pot.... oh, it is adorable.
If I knew how to put links on a comment-page I would do it.... I once blogged of the clip.
She is so cool..... so sweet.
I can't imagine her really swearing, and yet, she probably does, as anyone living close to the musical truth of who they are, do.