Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now Ah've Hooditawl!

Hey, coming to you LIVE, from Starbucks!
Well, now I have surely "heard it all" as they say!
Apparently several GPS companies have approached.... no, I can't even say it just yet.
Let me put this blog in neutral for a bit.
OK, the way I understand it, those GPS systems that speak to you in your car, navigating you to your destination -- isn't the whole idea supposed to be clarity?
A LESSENING of the confusion as you drive, so you do not have to consult a map or really even think all that hard about where you are going?
The whole premise behind these wonderful gadgets is to HELP YOU GET SOMEWHERE WHEN YOU DON'T QUITE KNOW THE DIRECTION.
Well, apparently several GPS companies have approached BOB DYLAN to be the new voice-over for their systems.
To me.... isn't this sort of the equivalent of posting signs like the above all over our streets and roads?
Can you even imagine?
You're driving along and then -- "Ohhh... tunnleff'a the.... or mebberight, no. Leffa the...'sa one-way DAMN, no, leff, naw right a'theness' cone-uhh!

Click on the sign!


Beth said...

And when you’re driving in a blustery snow or rainstorm, all the help you’ll get is, “The answer is blowin’ in the wind...”

Anonymous said...

This is too funny and Beth's comment made me laugh :)

Stefanie said...

That last comment was me. I hit enter too soon :)

Isabella K said...

Personally, I want Bob & Doug on my GPS: Uh, you're goin' the wrong way, eh.