Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Her Maggieness

It was awesome.
The whole "Atwood" experience last night.
It is very difficult to explain here, but the whole evening was a sort of dramatic recreation of certain excerpts from her new novel The Year of the Flood.
Three actors played the parts of Ren, Toby, and Adam One from the novel, and Her Maggieness narrated in between their lines.
One of the most humorous moments of the evening [and there were a few] occurred when, in the Question period following, an audience member asked Margaret, "What is the next thing on your mind? Your next novel, what is the topic, I need to prepare myself."
She answered, "Uh-huh. Like I would tell you?"
Along with the dramatic presentation, a local choir, the Calixa Lavallee Ensemble, conducted by Laurence Ewashko, sang the hymns that appear in the book.
This one is entitled The Peach or Plum, from page 278 of the novel.
[That's Her Maggieness in the left-hand corner].

The Peach or Plum

The Peach or Plum that spreads its boughs
Is beauteous at time of flower,

And Birds and Bees and Bats rejoice,
And sip its nectar hour by hour.

And Pollination then takes place:
For every Nut or Seed or Fruit,

A tiny golden particle

Has winged its way, and taken root.

Then swells the oval on the stem,

And slowly ripens, week by week --
Within it stored the nourishment

That Birds and Beasts and Men do seek.

And in each Seed or Fruit or Nut

Is coiled a silver infant Tree

That will arise of planted right,

Unfurling flowers, a joy to see.

When next you eat a golden Peach

And lightly throw away the pit,

Consider how it shines with Life --

God dwelling in the midst of it.

Maggie, signing books.


Isabella K said...


The show is a pretty weird concept, but why not? A straight reading and signing can only generate so much excitement. (And I'm a little miffed the show's not playing in my town.)

I actually stayed up way past my bedtime to finish reading YOTF last night. Loved it!

Stefanie said...

Oh what fun! And what a neat concept for a reading. I wonder whose idea it was? She makes it to Minneapolis so rarely that I might have to move to Canada so I can be nearer to her. I wonder if I can convince her nextdoor neighbor to move?

Cipriano said...

Isabella, thank you for the positive blip re: the Atwood.
I plan to read it as soon as I complete this entirely engrossing novel by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
[Incidentally, my favorite CHARACTER in this book, her name is Isabella. What a TERRIFIC book, I highly recommend it, and I know you like adventure/intrigue. This book has got it all going on......]

Stefanie, next time I TALK to Maggie [we're such pals and all...] I will say, "Hey Mags.... my pal Stefanie wants you to visit the Twin Cities."