Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Atwood Novel

As though I need to buy yet more books!
Right now I am awaiting a shipment of stuff that I ordered online.
And then tonight I was innocently walking around in Chapters and was literally accosted by this huge display of the latest novel by one of my favorite writers, Margaret Atwood!
The Year of the Flood.
I am going to have to get this book, I just know it. I should not even fight it!
It is a futuristic novel [dystopia] along the lines of her [2003] novel Oryx and Crake.
I have a signed copy of Oryx!
I think I may have to re-read it. Several of Oryx's characters reappear in the new novel. I will at least re-browse it before re-visiting Atwood's future world.
Any other Maggie fans out there?

Read about Year of the Flood -- HERE.


Isabella K said...

I plan to devote my weekend to this book!

Alyce said...

I keep hearing from people how much I will love her books, but I am sad to say that I haven't made time for them yet. I have two of them sitting on my shelf. Hopefully I will get to them soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of hers and I have to tell you, there's no way you can "re-browse" an Atwood novel. You have to read it again cover to cover because the second time around is just as amasing as the first.
That's proof she's one of Canada's great writters.
p.s. Alice Munro is also coming out with a new book of short stories. It's also a good addition to any Xmas list!

Cipriano said...

Isabella, that's TERRIFIC.
I notice from reading your blog for years now that you tend to like these sort of dystopia-type books, would I be correct in assuming that?
PLUS you like Atwood?
So... this thing here is a double-whammy!

Alyce, I would really suggest that you have a look at Maggie, she is really a unique and ever-interesting writer. I think I love Alias Grace, Cat's Eye, and The Handmaid's Tale best, but really..... they are all so good.

I agree with you, the Oryx book will have to be read, probably in its entirety. I also would like to re-read Handmaid's Tale.
And yes, the display at Chapters has the new Munro book in tiers at the top, and Maggie, below!
Both of them are definite national treasures!