Sunday, October 04, 2009

Just Add Water...

I must admit, I was surprised.
I just failed the Starbucks VIA Taste-Challenge.
I am writing [and posting] this from the very Starbucks where I have just been astounded to find that I could not tell the difference between Starbucks brewed coffee and their new INSTANT coffee. [Called VIA].
The barista handed me two samples and I swished these around for a while. They both were so similar, but in the end I guessed that the second one was the instant coffee.
EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! <-- Annoying sound of game-show buzzer!

So, in other words, this new instant coffee tastes so good you can't tell the difference from professional brewed stuff!
And you can now make it at home in.... well, an INSTANT. Just add boiling water!
My prize for guessing wrongly was this dollar-off coupon which I shall promptly use!


1 comment:

Beth said...

If you – a Starbucks aficionado – cannot tell the difference, that instant concoction must be great.
Or can taste buds be ruined by too many hamburgers and too much beer?