Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rhyminineinstein: A Saturday Poem


They say time is related
to the place where you are.
Let’s consider the case
of the exploding star…

Now long, long ago
died a star in a blast.
Though you’ve not seen it yet
the event’s in the past.

But only so far
as you’re stuck here on earth,
for elsewhere in space
you’d be watching it’s birth.

Now hold on a minute,
my thinking’s all screwy.
Back up to that part
where the star went Kablooey!

You see, light has to travel
through the eons of space,
so it takes mighty long
to reach the eyes on your face.

So when did it happen?
Just now, or just then?
If I’m farther away…
Does it happen again?

With questions like that
I just want to holler,
Hip hip hooray!
We’ve created a scholar.

But the next time you sing
that old nursery rhyme,
remember that space
is related to time…

And as sad as it is,
you’ll just have to be honest.
That twinkliest star?
Well, it could be the gonest.

c. Ciprianowords Inc. 2009

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